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Our Core Values of Discipleship

At Columbus Free Methodist Church we want being a disciple and growing in discipleship to be a priority. For this to be a priority we first need to be sure we are defining it so we are all on the same page with what these words mean. 

To Be a disciple means to be a follower of Jesus. If we claim to be a disciple that means we are following Jesus and to follow Him means to live like Him. Discipleship is the act or craft of being a disciple. It doesn’t matter if we have been a disciple for decades or are just starting to follow Him there is always room for growth. That act of growing and becoming more like Jesus is discipleship. 

 The question comes how do we grow in discipleship? What are things we can be doing to continue growing as a disciple and become more like Jesus? As a church we see four core values to discipleship, which are listed below. We need to be pushing in and growing in each of these values. To help us do that there are some questions we can ask ourselves and our brothers and sisters of faith for each of these values. 

Seeking Growth

  • Am I enjoying the love of God? 
  • Am I becoming more like Jesus? 
  • Am I being filled with the Spirit? 
  • Am I aware of God’s presence in daily life? 
  • Am I making God known to others by my way of life? 

Using Disciplines

  • Am I praying in all circumstances? 
  • Am I listening to God through the Bible? 
  • Am I meeting Jesus in communion? 
  • Am I practicing fasting and self denial? 
  • Am I living as a servant of others? 

Sharing Fellowship

  • Am I making close spiritual friendships? 
  • Am I sharing the ups and downs of my spiritual life? 
  • Am I giving and receiving guidance? 
  • Am I growing the fruit of the Spirit?
  • Am I developing my spiritual gifts? 
  • Am I confessing my sin? 

Engaging Mission

  • Am I aware of being sent into daily life by Jesus? 
  • Am I following the Spirit’s lead? 
  • Am I making friends and offering hospitality to others? 
  • Am I showing God’s love in practical ways? 
  • Am I speaking to others about Jesus and inviting them to follow him? 

These core values of discipleship for our church help us understand what it means to be a disciple and what areas we may need to be growing in personally. 

Let us know what interests you and we will get back with you in no time!

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